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A fixed amount, based on the average time spent processing your orders and on the annual volume.

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Buying is a profession. It requires a great deal of know-how to help express the actual need according to the wishes of the buyer, the financial imperatives of the company and the capacity of the market to meet them, to look for the best suppliers on the basis of simple or very advanced criteria, to choose one of the suppliers with a view to balancing the interests. In short, the buyer must know what to buy, when, from whom and for how much. Cesmae only intervenes once the supplier has been chosen and when the buyer has not already referenced the supplier or if the buyer does not wish to open an account for his own reasons. Cesmae is therefore not involved in the choice of supplier.

However, we do carry out specific purchasing missions on request.

The purpose of a Procurement Center is to gather the potential of its clients or members in order to weigh heavily on a market and to make everyone benefit from it.

This has the effect of pulling the overall margin of the suppliers down and, strangely, they are not always in favor of it. Therefore, their cooperation is not the best. Procurement centers have a very short life span, 3 to 5 years.

When an order arrives, it is first placed by the Purchasing Department, which, according to its own criteria, has optimized the conditions proposed by the supplier. There is no question of us undermining the competence of our purchasing partners. Besides, “negotiating” on our side would take time for insignificant gains while we devote our efforts to quickly process your orders.

We place orders all over the world.

From our headquarters in France, and thanks to the European provisions on Intra-Community VAT, we are able to provide our service to any client located in the EU.

A comprehensive report can be sent to the client on a monthly basis. This report can include details and summary of each order, ranking of suppliers by sales and number of orders, or other important information. Report on the past month or months since the beginning of the year, or on the last 12 months.

Yes, if our client has sent us the funds on the contractual date or if they have asked us to pay the supplier in advance in consideration of a cash advance fee.